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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Youth Book of Mormon Challenge

So I haven't been on in a while because life is CRAZY! 
But I have been asked to share one of the exciting things we did last summer for Young Women.
We did a Book of Mormon Challenge. It started the Sunday after school got out and ended the Saturday before school started again. (11 weeks or 77 days)
I got the basic idea off of pinterest and tweaked it to meet the needs of our girls. 

One the first day (Sunday) we saved part of the lesson to talk about the challenge and read the first couple of chapters together. I also shared the quote from Richard G. Scott (pictured above) because it is awesome!
Every Sunday after we checked in with the girls to see how they were doing. Some struggled, but we kept encouraging them and making the activities sound fun (which they are!)
The great thing about it was that pretty much the whole summer was planned out. The scavenger hunt we close to camp prep night, so we incorporated that. The Ice Cream night was just after camp, so that worked out great too. You can adjust and combine to fit your summer schedules. :) If you need me to do some readjusting of the fliers/Rewards and such I am very willing, but there will be a small fee. My time is limited and precious!
Please let me know if there is something I can do to help you!

Here is the Overview:
Challenge Overview-Instructions

Here is the Reading Schedule:
 Reading Schedule

Here is the Reward Card so the leaders would know what was going on

We gave this to the girls so they wouldn't know exactly what the activity was and would be surprised. :) 
Rewards for Girls

For Alma we wrote notes so I created some

I love making invites, so I actually started making digital ones to text the girls. (saves on paper!) But here are a few that can be printed. :)

Half Way Party - after Alma 22
Cinnamon Roll Invite - 3 Nephi
Picnic Invite - 4 Nephi
Swim Party Invite - Ether

We did a murder mystery for Helaman, but I don't have permission to use that. :( BUT here is a link to a similar one... hopefully she still has it! Murder Mystery