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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Saturday Adventures

I was approached by one of my favorite Relief Society sisters a few weeks ago to help with some ideas for Super Saturday. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am in Young Women, but I NEVER turn down a chance to do crafts!! I have been involved with tons of Super Saturdays, some not even my own, over the years.

So I'm not an official member of the activities committee, but I am part of a special committee just for this activity, so after a couple of meetings we came up with a few ideas. I am really excited!

I am doing the vinyl for several of the crafts, but am only in charge of one (I had two, but because of expense, people just didn't sign up for it. Bummer) I will be going through about 70 yards of vinyl over the next couple of weeks! Crazy!

My husband was a gem and my hero and cut almost 200 pieces of wood for me! This isn't even all of it!

The craft I am in charge of is the Reverse-able Holiday Blocks that I started selling recently in my shop.

I definitely got a good response! I'm doing 33 orders for two different Super Saturdays! (My friend is having their Super Saturday in a couple of weeks and asked for these blocks too. See, I do Super Saturdays all over the place!)

Here are some of the other crafts we are doing:

10x18 Wood Pallet
I am doing the temple stencil and the gold words
'eternity because one lifetime together is no enough'

10x18 Wood Pallet
I am doing the stencil to this (so it can be painted to match anything!)
'BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world'

Be Thankful Banner
I am doing the vinyl and inserts for this
they are little envelopes for you to write what you are thankful for.
On Thanksgiving or each day leading up to it, you can take one out and read it as a family. :)

6 foot Family Rulz!
(it actually goes up past 6 feet, but it's a 6 foot board that you screw into the wall 1 foot off the floor)
Clear as mud? Good. :)

 This craft is the one I worked on for hours, (hand painting each item) but didn't have people sign up for. :(  I have wanted to do this for along time, so at least mine is part way done, but sad that more won't enjoy it. It's called 'A Frame For All Seasons" It has the 4 seasons (two of them double as holidays) plus 4 holidays. I will be adding embellishments to mine, but this is what they looked like:

4th of July
Fall/ Thanksgiving
 *Not pictured- Spring/Easter, Winter, Christmas, Valentine's Day

I will have to post pictures of these when I have added to them. :) I was thinking about selling these in my shop... I'm not sure. They are quite time consuming. I HAND PAINTED all of the pieces, so we'll see...

So I will be busy with Etsy orders and Super Saturday over the next couple weeks, not to mention that my family is going to Disneyland next week! I sure know how to pile it on don't I?

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