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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Girls Camp

I am a crafter. I love it. I can get obsessed with it even. I'm sure my husband can attest to that fact. He doesn't see me much when I'm in "creation mode" we'll call it.
So this year's Mutual theme for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is from the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 4:2 "O ye that embark in the service if God..." it has been such a wonderful year so far! So many ways we can apply this to our daily lives and so many fun activities that we have been able to center around our theme. We choose to focus on the nautical aspect of "embarking in the service" and, let me tell you, I L.O.V.E nautical stuff! So, needless to say, I have been going crazy with creative ways to bring that out.
Girls Camp was no exception! Our theme for our ward's Girls Camp this year was "Live Life Anchored In Christ". Guess what we saw and used tons.... ANCHORS! Yes! I started putting my crafting brain to use and came up with some fun things and my wonderful presidency members came up with even more wonderful things, so combine them together and we got and AMAZING girls camp!

1. I made the camp flag (which I have done for the past 3 years)
All of the symbols are on their charms. This is vinyl on vinyl (adhesive vinyl on vinyl fabric)

2. I made the vinyl for their water bottles, their charm tins and their journals


Back (although I added Girls Camp and their names after this picture)

3. I designed the logo for the camp shirts and sweaters.

4. I made them personal brass plates for them to write their personal scriptures (testimonies)

Finished Plates!

For our service project the girls wrote their testimonies on Books of Mormon (which is why we did the brass plates craft) 

5. I made name plaques for everyone

6. And I made the vinyl for the lanterns they made at camp. 

Camp Decorations. You can see the name plaques I made :)

7. I embossed some papers and got nautical themed papers for their camp journals

7. I put together charm bracelets for each girls and leaders

Okay, so this was a fun labor of love that came together perfectly. We are doing a Book of Mormon challenge and wanted to give the girls things after they completed each book. I thought of doing a charm bracelet, but then I saw this on Pinterest. She did a necklace for their YW for YW in Excellence. I changed some of the charms and made it a bracelet instead and added a couple.
Tuesday and Wednesday the girls got a charm that represented the day. On Thursday they went on a 'Spirit Walk' outside using the lanterns and learned about the other 6 charms.
~Tuesday's charm was the larger anchor because of our theme "Live Life Anchored in Christ" 
~Wednesday's charm was the book and key which stands for the Book of Mormon. I added the key because as Boyd K. Packer said "The key to spiritual protection is in the scriptures"
The rest were on Thursday:
~The pearl is the ballast - or what keeps us balanced (and went with the picture of the rocks)
~The sailboat is for the sales the guide us
~The lighthouse is the Savior
~The anchor is what holds us to the Savior
~The initial charms were to represent flags on a ship - or the communication we have with our Heavenly Father (prayer)
~The Helm or Steering Wheel is to help us steer in the right direction

She had awesome printables to go with the 6 we used for the 'Spirit Walk' HERE is the link to the page. Scroll down toward the bottom and you will find the printables.

Yes, I guess that's a lot, but man was it so fun! I was sad when I was done! The girls enjoyed girls camp a lot and had a lot of great experiences. I just hope that these visual representations helped make the experience even more memorable. :)

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