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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Among all of the crafts I worked on for girls camp, and the orders for my Etsy shop, I decided to make a nautical theme card for my bimonthly card class*

Nautical Card I designed and created.
*I have been going to this card class for several years. A group of sisters get together every other month and make cards together. 6 of us teach a card and have kits ready so the rest of the sisters can make them. We take home 6 cards to use for a number of occasions. I have boxes of cards. I just love it! I started making the kits a year or so into it. I stopped just before I had my baby girl so this is the first card I have made in a long time, and unlike most of my cards, I designed this one all by myself. Boy did it feel good!
I am obsessed with all things nautical. Did I mention that? Yes I did. In another post, or was it more than one? ;)
I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, but none that I wanted to copy exactly. So I got brave and designed my own!
So in light of me being excited about making a card again, I decided to share some of my other cards. I think I'm missing one or two. I didn't realize how many I have done over the years!

These were among my first. Simple and versatile!
The flower is from the Silhouette online store

I love this combination! The sketched flower is from Silhouette as well (several of my cards or parts of the cards are either from Silhouette or designed on my silhouette) I got the idea on Pinterest for the design and went from there. It isn't as fancy by any means, but I wanted to simplify it, so I did!
These I made when I found out I was having a girl last year. They are from Silhouette.
Also from Silhoutte. Great Father's Day Cards
Quick and simple Silhouette Card
My first card. Silhouette card as well. Don't worry I ventured out on my own too!
This was the first card I designed all by myself. I was proud of it. :)
Here is the inside. I used colored pencil and alcohol to get that effect. 
I got a die cut machine for my birthday last year and I have had so much fun using it! So of course I had to make a card using the embossing folders I got as well! :D My own design.
The tree and ladybug are from Silhouette. But I designed the card myself. 
These were originally birthday invitations, but they can be used as fun cards too, so that's what I did!
Also a birthday invitation. I found one similar on Pinterest and designed my own on my handy dandy Silhouette. It was a lot more in-depth than you may think!
This was also from one I found on Pinterest simplified (some of the tiles are dimensional)
Yet another Pinterest inspired card. :)

So there you have it! There is one I'm sad I don't have. I found the idea through pinterest, but it was a square card, so I figured out the dimensions and did one that was a normal card size. It was for Mother's Day. I think I gave that one away though... go figure! I give a card away to someone! 

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