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Friday, June 19, 2015

Family fun!

My sister was in town for the first week of June. I have been looking forward to this for a long time! I texted her several months ago telling her I needed her to come and help me organize my kitchen (the last time she visited she helped me organize other rooms in my house) we figured spring break would be great... alas when spring break came her children got sick. :( So we decided the first week of June would work. And guess what? It's been wonderful!
Monday she came and was ready to work. I'm upset I didn't take before pictures, but not too upset because it was bad. I know you really want to see pictures of the inside of my cabinets so here they are! Just imagine them looking the opposite of this...

We did almost the entire kitchen and laundry area in one day. She also brought these awesome matching aprons for us to use. My mom joined us after a bit and it was just a great day! 

Cousins played and had tons of fun. My baby had a blast too. She was so entertained by her cousins she didn't need my attention as much so I could work! 

One of her cousins even decided to draw some 'makeup' (orange highlighter) on her! It was spectacular! 

 Tuesday we finished the kitchen and did some crafts. We make some necklaces fir her girls and some 'dirty/clean' dishwasher magnets. Again a fun day for all was had! 

Wednesday my sister and I were able to enjoy the blessings of the Las Vegas LDS Temple. It was glorious to be in the House of the Lord and a special treat to be with my sister. My mom was amazing and watched all 8 kids. My dad had fun with them too. :)

Thursday was the last day off school for us. My mom and sister came over to watch my baby so I could go to the school and stay to help. It was nice to be there for both of their last days and to help a special teacher my son had last year. 

One of the Teachers Assistants. She is a special lady!

One of my boy's Preschool teachers. He loves her!
My son's other Preschool teacher. He has such amazing teachers!

1st Grade teacher. It was her first year. She did a great job!

This was my son's Kindergarten teacher. We love her and visited her throughout the year. 
After we got home we ate and went swimming (not right after of course). We discovered it is not a heated pool... it was quite chilly! But the kids had fun. My baby feel asleep in my arms as we had our feet in the water! I guess she was lulled by the water and the kids playing. :)
Ready for some swimming!

Friday was my birthday. We had a lazy morning, then went shopping with everyone in the afternoon. We ate at Cafe Rio (one of my favorites!) for lunch. Then we went to my moms and the kids played around for a while before my husband and dad joined us. My dad made hamburgers and we had Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert! (My FAVORITE kind of cake!) My sister had to leave shortly after, which was sad, but it was such an enjoyable week! My family stayed at my parents house for a while longer. It was hard for such a fun week to end!
After my sister left we let the kids play out in the front yard. A fun end to a great birthday!

The beautiful rose my husband gave me for my birthday!!

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