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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back Again

I totally did not realize it had been TWO YEARS since I last posted! And it was a giveaway! Life gets that way I guess. I had a baby girl, my shop has had it's ups and downs, family life has had it's ups and downs, and I still L.O.V.E crafting!

So.... I am committing myself to working on this blog more often. Maybe see more traffic, and develop some of my other locked in talents I've been itching to get out. I am the Young Women Secretary and Personal Progress leader in my Ward for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (find out more about my faith HERE. I am working on receiving my Young Women medallion again - it has changed since I was in YW myself and wanted to challenge myself. I have done a lot of things for the Young Women I'm hoping to share here. Pinterest has been one of my amazing tools, as I'm sure most any one can say that knows what that even is!

I have dabbled in making my own printables, which I will try to figure how I can share... hopefully! ;)
This is one of my favorite quotes!

We are starting a Book of Mormon Challenge during Summer Break so I made a printable of that as well.
The background is from a CD by Creative Delights

I have started trying my hand at making jewelry and am loving it so far! (kits from Hobby Lobby for now) I'm not great, and I don't have all the tools yet, but I'm learning and most important, I enjoy it! (Do what you love right??)

My Etsy Shop suffered after I had my baby last year, which isn't a surprise since I shut it down for a few months, but it took a few months after that to get orders back up. I knew the income helped, but I didn't realize how much we depended on it until we didn't have it. Thankfully I am getting orders again, although I would like to have more! I'm trying expand what I am selling, but because I am known mostly for my Birthday Boards, I don't seem to be getting tons of other traffic, so maybe this blog will help too!
This is my newest Board. This version gives you the option to have JUST the board if you don't want the months and birthdays!
It's a great option that one of my friends came up with that I hope will do well in my shop. I will offer kits too!
 Don't forget that I do custom vinyl too! I have done wall vinyl for people, but I sadly have not taken pictures of those. :( How stupid is that??

Mostly I'm raising my kids. Crafting and my calling are my sanity. Without them I would not survive. And now I think this will be another outlet to de-stress and share with the world all of the things on my mind. I warn you it will not always be crafts and fun. And I am completely random most of the time, so - you have been warned. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back soon!

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