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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Worst 5 Minutes of My LIFE!

I had the worst few minutes of my life today. Landon wandered away from me in Wal Mart and I couldn't find him. I kept calling for him and he didn't answer. I was trying not to panic, but was getting louder as the seconds and minutes went on.

Then on the intercom I hear "Lost mommy come to the fitting rooms" (I was in the health and beauty section) I hurried over there with tears forming in my eyes. Got to the fitting rooms and saw Landon sitting next to the fitting room attendant. I told her thank you and burst into tears as I hugged my son. We both cried and he apologized for wandering off.

 He thought I was leaving him so he went to the cash registers to look for me (complete opposite direction of where we were) and a Wal Mart employee saw him and took him to the fitting rooms. Very thankful for them! I NEVER want to feel that way again!

 I had to go down a deserted purse isle and compose myself for longer than he was lost. Garrett, who had been with me looking concerned the whole time, said, "mommy scared." Couldn't have been more right!

The rest of the time we were in Wal Mart we kept talking about how I would ALWAYS come find him and that he needs to stay put if he loses me. And he kept saying, "Mom, I will NEVER wander away from you EVER again." I think he was freaked out a little too.

I know almost every mom can relate, and if not now, will. All I can say is, I hope I never have to feel that way again, and I'm so thankful for the employee that took my son to the fitting rooms so they could call me, and for answer to the prayer a frantic mother said hoping her baby was safe.

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  1. That is truly such an awful feeling! I am SO glad you found him quickly although I know it felt like an eternity.