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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crafts, crafts, and more crafts

I haven't been able to post some things because of Christmas, so I'm glad I get to post some now. I have been a busy Beaver and I guess will continue to be so with the high demand of the Birthday Board. Here's 
what I've been cooking up. And this isn't even everything! I must be crazy! :)

Recipe holders (or picture holder, or whatever!) Just paint and Mod Podge some scrapbook paper!

Epsom Salt Luminaries. Found this on Pinterest! I didn't get these finished because it got too cold for me to spray them with a sealer! So mad! But I have presents for people when it gets warmer!
All it takes is Epsom Salt, a drop of food coloring, Mod Podge a glass or jar (I got mine from a thrift store) and a clear gloss spray!
Cupcake stand. I made this for Landon's mickey party, but it actually goes with my kitchen colors too, so I was pretty lucky. I just found some plates and a salt shaker from a thrift store and a candle holder from the dollar store and glued them together. Love it!

One of my favorite crafts! Socks and rice from the dollar store, rope, buttons, the end of skewer, rubber bands and some glue! Found original post here.
My favorite crafts are the inexpensive ones! :)

This was a gift for our LDS Relief Society sisters (I'm the secretary). We etched the Las Vegas Temple onto a dollar store candle holder. Add a candle and Voila! (or a flashlight in my case! lol)
I found this site that had way cute Halloween treat baskets, but I knew it would be a time consuming project, so I decided that I would create some for winter! They are made from toilet paper rolls, white and black cardstock, glue, black beads, Mod Podge, glitter, and orange and yellow sharpies. I made over 30 all together, so it took a long time, but they are really cute! I'm really mad at my camera because it couldn't focus because of the glitter.

You can see some glitter here, but it's still blurry. Stupid camera!

Some paper flower bows for presents.
These are called Lumpies. It's a quiet nesting toy. They fit inside each other and each does different things.

This one has velcro hair and buttons on the front

with a zipper in the back

This one has a bow to tie and velcro hair

with buttons on the back

This one is velcro eyes, hair and octagon "button"

with snaps on the back

This one has velcro hair and a snap star
with shoe laces on the back

and this tiny one has hair to play with! Aren't they so cute!
Love any excuse to do crafts! Especially as presents to people!

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