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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas is Wonderful With Little Kids!

Love him in his new Christmas Suit!

Cute little man in his new Christmas outfit.

Had to add the 6th Anniversary flowers my husband got for me!

Aren't they gorgeous!

He took the pix too. he did a wonderful job!

Santa brought him a bike!

None of my pictures showed up well because they were just too excited and couldn't sit still! I'm willing to take that though! :)

Trying out his new bike!

Had to pose. He's such a cutie!

Garrett had fun watching his brother riding away!

slowly getting the hang of it.

Learning to turn.

He's proud of his big brother!

I can't get him to look at me because he can't take his eyes off his brother!

So excited and feels so accomplished!

Had to pose yet again for me! He's such a doll!

My little man hangin with his Uncle.
Got to see both sides of the family and talk with some of my family on the phone. It was really nice and great to see happy faces on my boys! Family is what it's all about! And I ABSOLUTELY love mine!

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