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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time Flies

Wow. I'm obviously not a big blogger. I would rather be doing something else than stuck on the computer for hours typing about my life, but then again, I don't write in a journal right now either, so how else am I going to do it? Let me give you the rundown on what has happened lately.

Garrett Owen is 4 1/2 months old and he is a FIREBALL! He is just as stubborn as his mom and dad COMBINED! But he is also excited about life. He has to be doing something all the time, and he doesn't want to settle. It took him less than a week to roll over and then back again. He didn't just want to roll one way, so he didn't for long. He gets really mad if he gets himself stuck. When I get up to do something and look back at him he is facing a completely different direction and has moved a foot or so from his last position 20 seconds before. He is going to start crawling soon I just know it. Then the real terror will begin!

Landon is  beyond awesome. He's beawesome! (From Disney's "Bolt"). He is the best big brother ever!!! He sings to Garrett when he's upset, if Garrett is laughing Landon has to come over and help make him laugh more. He is really helpful with his brother, and now he's wanting to help with a lot more, even when mom doesn't want his help. :) He wants to push the grocery cart, he wants to sweep, he wants help me cook and do laundry, he wants to push the stroller when we go for walks. Not only that, but he gets mad if I try to help! (Not with the housecleaning, he's still working on that) Today at the grocery store he kept getting mad at me for holding on to the grocery cart. I said, "Mom I am so strong. I can do it." He's my little man!

Jeff is working hard at work. Of course this week has been crazy for him because this is the first week that it has hit 100 degrees, so there have been a lot of A/Cs to maintenance. His birthday is coming up Saturday and that will hopefully be a fun day for him. He's an Assistant Scoutmaster and the Elders Quorum Secretary in our ward. But most importantly, he is the BEST husband and dad EVER! He has been sooo helpful, when he can be, with the boys. I have Pres. meetings almost every week and he takes care of them while I'm gone. He also is really great at helping me with the boys at night. He rocks Garrett to sleep almost every night! He also is extremely helpful when I have those occasional breakdowns. He works at the apartment complex we live in, so he's a minute or 2 away if I need him (which was helpful before I had Garrett). I had a come apart the other day and there he was to help me. He calmed Garrett and me down and he helped Landon out and everything was able to get taken care of. He is my Hero.

I am going slightly crazy, but what mom isn't. I had an extremely difficult labor with Garrett. He was posterior and his head was on my tailbone for 6 to 10 hours, almost 3 of that I was pushing. FYI Epidurals don't work on your tailbone. My epidural wore off before he was out, so that was fun. Since he was on my tailbone for so long, my tailbone took a beating. I couldn't sit or lay down without some pain. Now, 4 1/2 months later, I can do almost everything and it doesn't hurt, except sit for too long. It is still there, but SOOOO much better than the first 3 months!! I was called to be Relief Society Secretary in our ward in April, and have been enjoying that calling. I've definitely been busy! When Garrett is content, which doesn't last for long, I am working on keeping the house up and laundry and dishes done, but needless to say, it's been the bare minimum lately. I am speedy Gonzalez when I do get the time though!
As any Rowley can understand, (and McAllister for that matter) I have stomach issues. I discovered that oats bother me, making me suspicious of Celiac. I had 3 blood tests and 2 came back neg and one hadn't come in, but is most likely neg. So that's good, but I still don't know what is bothering my stomach. I had a allergy panel done and I don't have any known "general" food allergies just environmental, which get this, includes DOGS. Fun huh? (I have two). Also Cats and Olive Trees. I think I'm going to go to an allergist to talk to them about specific food allergy tests. The dog thing I suspected, but ignored because we love dogs!! I am on some allergy medicine now, so we'll see how that goes. I haven't sneezed once today!!
I also have the startings of a cyst on my left wrist from holding Garrett and having to feed him in creative ways in the beginning because of my tailbone, so I'm wearing a brace to hopefully help that.
I love my boys and am sooo happy to be in our own place but really would love to get into a house!! Our apartment is really small for 2 growing boys 2 active dogs and 2 adults plus all of our "crap". We are slowly going forward with the prequalificaion process, and will hopefully have a home in the next year. *fingers crossed*

We went to Disneyland for my birthday a couple of weeks ago! It was definitely a different experience taking a 4 month old. We also went to Six Flags. NOT RECOMMENDED! It was really a stressful day for me with Garrett. They have absolutely NOWHERE to feed babies! It was a long day and I will never do that again! Disneyland was so much better because they have a Child Care Center where there is a room you can go in to feed your babies. They have high chairs and changing tables, and even a little potty for the newly trained/training toddlers! That was so much more relaxing!! Garrett definitely doesn't like long car rides or strollers (for long periods) Luckily Jeff had him in the "Baby Bjorn" for most of the time, or Gma and Gpa had him (I can't carry him too long because of my back)

I hope that didn't come off sounding to negative. I have definitely been having my share of health and new mom  problems, but I love my family and I love serving the Lord. I have my challenges, but they are for my good and will help shape me into who I need to be.

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