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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 Years In the Making!!!

So a couple of years ago I told myself that I would grow my hair out to donate. I was committed to do just that. So I started investigating and discovered that I couldn't have bleach in my hair. I had highlights in my hair that had bleach in it, so I had to chop my hair off first, twice! Big setback! So for 2 YEARS I have been growing my hair out so I could donate it. It has been frustrating, because I don't like it that long, and I get bored when I can't dye it, so I definitely was tempted to cut it a few times, but like I said, I was committed to following through with this decision.

Since my hair is at it's healthiest, (for my pregnancy strengthens my hair none of it falls out and once I have the baby it falls out in handfuls) I decided it was finally time to cut it off. If I waited until the baby was born, then my hair would be unhealthy and I would have to wait another 4 to 6 months to cut it off. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I new I was cutting it close, but this was the best time.

Thursday the 6th, I went in to get my hair cut. It was at about 9 inches, which is too short for Locks of Love, but apparently Pantene has a hair donation program and they accept it at 8 inches. I also discovered that they give their wigs for FREE to women who have lost their hair to cancer. (Click here for more information.) So that is what I decided to do.

 Before the big cut!!

 No turning back now!!

 It's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders!! 

 Little big shorter huh??

 Blow drying my hair!

 Almost done!

 A closer look!

Ta-Dah!! The new me!

I look a little better in this picture! I love my haircut!!

So now, I have filled my commitment and I am very happy with myself. There are so many things in my life I haven't followed through with and I refused to fail at this one, so now I can be thankful I fulfilled my goal with complete success! Thank you Jeff for being willing to put up with how short it is for now, and for my mom for making the appointment and going with me!!