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Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest Project

So Mom and I were asked to do a "little" project...

A sister in our ward is a school teacher. She and several other teachers in the area have received a grant to have Ipod Touches in their classrooms. She, thinking mom was a seamstress, asked if she and I could come up with a prototype for a protective covering that the children could have around their necks, and also be clear in the front so they can use their Ipods without removing them from their coverings, but they need to be removable so she can charge them. She figures that if we can come up with something, we could possibly make them for teachers around the valley....

So on to our grand adventure. She wanted 35. She also wanted me to embroider numbers on the back so she could easily assign them to her students.

She calls a few days later she called and said the principal would pay for 70 (two sets for two classes) but didn't want to pay for the embroidery, so since I had already started on the embroidery for hers she would pay that separately. So instead of working on 35 we now have an order for 70!

I will tell you that it was a lot of work, especially for mom, because she did most of the sewing! There are two coverings; one with two layers of denim on the back with vinyl on the front, and one with gray fleece on the back with vinyl on the front. We overlapped the back fabric and added Velcro to keep it secure. Then we stitched a ring in place for a lanyard to be attached.

I really like the denim ones. They turned out well.

These are some examples with and without embroidery on them.

We will see if anything more comes of it. We worked a lot of hours, but by the end I think we got a routine going. It would be nice to make some extra money doing this, so we'll just have to wait and see!!