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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Completely Crafts Again!

So I have been HORRIBLE at blogging the past few months. On the bright side, I don't spend as much time on the computer, but on the down side, I haven't done my blogs!!

The start of this years crafts was this cute little decoration. From it, mom and I thought of creating all of the seasons. So January was Winter.
February is all about Easter. I figure, Easter is at the beginning of April this year, so I wanted to have decorations finished so people could enjoy them for longer than just a week or two, but because I discovered so many awesome crafts, we are doing Easter stuff for the next two months. The Spring turned out really cute. And the little animals are so easy and fun! Then we are also doing gold leafing. It's really exciting! I have NOT been able to find Christ-centered Easter crafts that don't include a cross, so, with mom's help, a gold leafing of Christ is what we decided! My mom has one that a sister did for her, so I figured out how to do it. It's just a transparency, gold leafing and adhesive, and cardstock!!! I will post pix when i can figure out how to show the gold leafing. It just looks like an awesome picture right now, not a gold leafing.

All of the instructions for the animals are here at They are called Beady Babies, Bead Bunnies, and Bead Babies (yes they have similar names, but they are very different!)