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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Teaching My Baby To Read

So My parents have this book from the mid '70s that is about teaching your baby to read. It is an awesome book! Mom actually ordered a revised edition for me so it's a little more up to date. Glenn Doman is a Director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. (or was when the book was written. He is still alive and has written many books since then on teaching your baby math and other awesome things.) My mom and dad used it with my oldest brother. It's called How To Teach Your Baby To Read. This book is so intriguing. He talks about how a group of scientists and doctors were working with brain injured children. They found that they were able to teach them to read before the age of three! Then they posed the question, if brain injured children can learn to read this early, what about normal children? Thus bringing about more research, and discovering that the earlier a child learns to read the better and happier they are! He emphasizes that from birth to age four children learn more than they do the rest of their life combined! Think about it, they learn to crawl, walk, talk, play with toys, differentiate colors and shapes, and tons more! So why not read! I am so excited!!

On TV they have this whole system that you can buy that costs at least a hundred dollars. I'm sure it's pretty much the same method, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars right now, when you don't need to! This is just a book! And then I printed off words that it says to use in the book, and I got poster board to put the printed words on, and what, we've spent less than 20 bucks, including the book!

The first words are mommy and daddy. They are printed in big red letters. He gets excited when I get the words out! I'll let you know the progress. I'm using a twist on the method that he says to use, because I hadn't read his instructions before I started showing Landon the first words, but generations of moms and dads have been teaching their kids to read in different, but basically the same ways, with the same results! Happier children! It's fantastic!

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