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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picture Devastation

I just want everyone to know that I do not blame Jeff one bit.

Jeff was getting ready for his little 'vacation' from me and Landon (he's with his family in California for his mom's b-day. I chose not to go for several reasons) and decided to put our recent pictures on our back-up drive, which is where we keep them. He couldn't get into the hard drive. When he looked at the properties, it showed that everything was completely erased. Everything was a backup EXCEPT the pictures.

ALL pictures from the birth of Landon until April or May of this year. Probably a couple thousand.

Jeff had to re-format the hard drive. I don't think anything will be able to be recovered.

There is a bright side:

I printed my favorite pictures from Landon's birth until March of this year, over 23o pictures. My mom and Jeff's mom have a lot of pictures of Landon of those times and the months that I wan't able to print yet.

I am absolutely devastated by this, but it wasn't anyone's fault and I do have some of the pictures on a website to print when I want.

Obviously we made some mistakes that won't be made again if this were to happen again, but sometimes that's what you have to go through to learn lessons.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this!! So very sorry... I know the pain... we lost a bunch of pictures as well a couple of years ago.

    Go and set this up on your computer now... it is only 4.95/month... well worth it to have this never happen again!! -

  2. Oh, that really bites. So sorry, but at least you have some printed! I never print any of mine. Perhaps I should...

  3. Oh man, I think I would just cry. I never print pictures, one of the down sides of digital. Maybe I'll print some...just in case!!

    Good thing others have pictures though.

  4. That is of my nightmares! Another good reason to blog with a gmail account. All your blog pictures are copied to your gmail photos.