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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Landon is growing up!

Landon is starting to say more words like shoe, hi, love you, and thank you. He's also mimicking us more with animal sounds and laughing and clapping whenever he hears or see it. He also LOVES dancing to anything with a beat. Even if it's dad bangin on the table! He loves showing off too. If he knows we are watching he will start fake laughing like he just did the funniest thing. Then he claps at himself. Of course, we just laugh more and, of course, he continues!
This is such a cute picture! He looks so big! he just turned 18 months old!

Landon is playing with his new friend Ezra and his mommy Brittany. It was our first play date. Mostly just a nice day to talk to another 1st time mommy. It's nice to have someone to relate to.

This was too cute! Landon is finally wanting to cuddle with us.

This used to be a ball, but got a hole in it. Jeff made it bigger and started putting it on Landon's head. He thought it was hilarious!

It even fit on dad's head!


  1. He's for sure a cutie! Wish I could meet him before he gets too big.