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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Passing Out for Fun

So Sunday, I was making a mixed berry pie. I hadn't eaten yet (it was around 2pm). I was cleaning the table off and heading to the kitchen when a chair jumped out at my toes and hit my last two toes on my right foot head on! (RUDE) I proceeded to hold my breath and curse in my head at the pain that enveloped my foot. Suddenly, I started to turn pale, according to eyewitness accounts, and I felt light-headed. The feeling wasn't going away, so I sat down on the blasted chair that had been my foot's undoing. Jeff came up to me and I told him what happened and asked my mom for a glass of milk. Then I said, "I'm going to pass out."

I was in a room with a whole bunch of people talking all at once to me when I finally heard Jeff talking to me. I opened my eyes, with a lot of difficulty. I heard muffled sounds and my eyes were heavy. My dad comes in and keeps telling me to lay town. So while I am still limp, Jeff and dad help me to the floor and put my feet on the stupid chair. Immediately the muffled sounds become clear and my eyes aren't so heavy.

Now, if you know my dad, he is very level-headed during scary moments. He started joking with me, but not because he was trying to be funny... well not ONLY for that, but to access the situation. I was laughing at everything he was saying. I still laugh thinking about all this. He was making sure I didn't need medical attention. He is a very smart man. My mom asked what I had asked for before I passed out, and I remembered. Jeff said I was out for a good 20-30 seconds.

For the first few seconds I was just limp. Then I started to convulse. Jeff had never seen that before so he was really concerned. NO WORRIES. I did that the only other time I've passed out too. That's just what I do I guess.

The rest of the day was okay, and I ate food. Moral of the story, 1. Eat 2. Don't hold your breath when you hurt yourself. I learned the hard way!

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Landon is growing up!

Landon is starting to say more words like shoe, hi, love you, and thank you. He's also mimicking us more with animal sounds and laughing and clapping whenever he hears or see it. He also LOVES dancing to anything with a beat. Even if it's dad bangin on the table! He loves showing off too. If he knows we are watching he will start fake laughing like he just did the funniest thing. Then he claps at himself. Of course, we just laugh more and, of course, he continues!
This is such a cute picture! He looks so big! he just turned 18 months old!

Landon is playing with his new friend Ezra and his mommy Brittany. It was our first play date. Mostly just a nice day to talk to another 1st time mommy. It's nice to have someone to relate to.

This was too cute! Landon is finally wanting to cuddle with us.

This used to be a ball, but got a hole in it. Jeff made it bigger and started putting it on Landon's head. He thought it was hilarious!

It even fit on dad's head!

My Birthday!

I am now 25! My insurance went down and I can actually rent a car without paying through the nose for being 'too young.'

June 5th was the big day. It was a great day!
Earlier in the day we went to 'Up'. It was a really cute movie.

Jeff made really cool baskets out of the cantaloupe and watermelon!
He made the balls too!
One of my presents!

Landon loves to splash!!

then I invited a bunch of friends over and made them sweet pork burritos and we had 'Nothing Bundt Cake' and ice cream. I opened presents and then we went swimming! It was a lot of fun!

More Texas!

Me Brooklyn and Joy after the graduation.

Joy Darin and Brooklyn after the graduation.

Joy's Family after the graduation.

Brooklyn looks like she sayin,"Sup yo"

Joy got an iphone for a graduation present so Brooklyn got her old phone. She was having fun playing with it.
I am posting more pictures on Facebook, so if you want to see more, you'll have to look on facebook!


Joy's Graduation Cake
Brooklyn at Joy's graduation luncheon. So beautiful!
Darin at the luncheon with his camera! I want that camera!

The graduate!

Me and Brooklyn before the graduation started.