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Friday, May 29, 2009

I went to Texas a couple of weeks ago and had a BLAST! It wasn't very long, but it was great! I went because Joy received her Masters Degree! It was great to see Darin and Joy and Brooklyn! I had tons of fun. Brooklyn and I made homemade Butterfingers! Yum! We went out to lunch with Joy's family and went to a movie. The graduation was nice and the rest of the weekend was just enjoyable! I missed them from the moment I got on the plane! If only I could go back more often!

Landon and dad had a fun, but stressful weekend without me. Jeff was definitely glad to have me home again! It was a good bonding time for them though. Landon seems closer to his daddy. Of course, when I got home he had changed! I'll be posting pictures soon!

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  1. They seem to change so darn fast, eh? A whole weekend without a child...what's that like!? When I am driving without Pixie in the car, I keep thinking she is there.