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Monday, March 23, 2009

Twilight Movie Truth

I really love the books, and I need to read them again, but I have to say I'm not extremely impressed with the movie. I saw it in the theaters and thought that maybe I didn't like it all that much because we had to sit so close (there was a birthday party and a ton of teenagers there... of course almost all were girls!).
Anyway, I'm not impressed with the acting mostly. Some of the way they said things bothered me. Like 'Bella' says things way too fast sometimes without any expression. That kinda ruined it for me. I like her as an actress, but I wish she would get more into character.
Did anyone else feel that way?? I did buy the movie, but it's like the Harry Potter movies; they don't do the books justice, but they are still fun to watch to be able to visualize what you read.


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  2. Totally agree.
    I LOVED the books, but my main problem with the movie was Bella. She was so blah. and way too twitchy. It bugged me so much.
    And at first I didn't like the guy who played Edward, he is definitely not good looking enough. But the second time I saw it I liked him better.
    Bella still bugged me, and the actress is a horrible interviewer. She's just as twitching and awkward in real like, I think.

    I can't wait til the next one comes out though...even if they aren't turning out how I imagined it all!

  3. I'm SO with you. The movie was OK, but I miss the book, the book was just GREAT. But, what're you gonna do, maybe since they're getting another director on the other movies, they'll be able to get a better performance from Bella. Here's hoping!

  4. Same here. The movie was just not impressive. I felt like Edward stayed way too intense through the whole thing. He should have calmed down a bit.

  5. That is why I am reading the books after watching the movie! I do agree though. I was just talking to Becca about it today. She said how they should have gotten into Bella's thoughts more because the book is a narrative. Also, Edward is COMPLETELY different in the books. He is much more charismatic and speaks like he's from the early 1900s. The actress who plays Esme was yucky. Who cannot look at her and think of the psycho on Grey's Anatomy? However, I really liked Carlisle in the movie! Can I say..hottie?!?

  6. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! All of you took the words right out of my mouth! I am crossing my fingers that the next movie is better. I really hope "Bella" gets her act together. I've seen her in other movies and she can act, I just don't know why she didn't in this one...