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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dam and The Strip

Tuesday night Sam and Chris (her boyfriend) came to Vegas. They stayed til this morning, then left for Missouri to begin their travels around the world. I got to have Sam here for a whole day yesterday! It was really great!
(Chris making a weird face and Sam being her beautiful self)
We all slept in (even Landon) and we decided to go to Hoover Dam. That was really cool. We didn't pay for the tour or parking, so we just walked around and took pictures. There is a suspension bridge going up to bypass the dam and it looks way crazy!
(below is a picture. To put it into perspective, we are at the top of the dam looking west toward it and it is several hundred feet above that. There were working on there too! It was scary!)

It's also really sad because the water level is so low behind the dam. It makes me sad. I have never been to the dam (except to cross it when we went to Arizona to visit Annette and Jana. Fun times!)
(the white is where the water level used to be... really sad!)

After we go home we all relaxed for a while. Then Mike (Jeff and my long time best friend) hung out with us. We went to Claim Jumpers and then to the strip. I am depressed to say that I forgot my camera! :( We didn't leave until around midnight but we had fun! We looked at the gardens at the Bellagio, and saw the water show, and went to the Mirage to watch the 'volcano' errupt. (it was revamped, but the old one was better.)
We walked over 3 miles yesterday! We all zonked out pretty much as soon as we got home. It was a long but glorious day with friends! Jeff was able to hang out with us all day and wouldn't have otherwise, so that is positive thing about him not having work right now. So I told him that Wednesday was a good day for him not to have work, but that someone could hire him and he could start work next week and I would be a happy wife... what can I say, I'm a positive thinker!
(Jeff, Landon and me with the dam in the background)


  1. I'm so out of the loop...Sam, world traveling!? Sheesh!

    Looks like you guys had fun, I'm jealous!

  2. Wow! I can't believe Sam's on her way home already! I've been meaning to call her every day. That must be one nice thing about living with your parents, at first I was like "where was Landon at midnight!?" haha
    I would love to have a date later than 5pm!

  3. Yeah I am spoiled that way to be able to go out somewhere after he's gone to bed because there is someone still home! He's asleep the whole time, so they don't have to worry about it, but I can spend some time with my hubby!