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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Youth Book of Mormon Challenge

So I haven't been on in a while because life is CRAZY! 
But I have been asked to share one of the exciting things we did last summer for Young Women.
We did a Book of Mormon Challenge. It started the Sunday after school got out and ended the Saturday before school started again. (11 weeks or 77 days)
I got the basic idea off of pinterest and tweaked it to meet the needs of our girls. 

One the first day (Sunday) we saved part of the lesson to talk about the challenge and read the first couple of chapters together. I also shared the quote from Richard G. Scott (pictured above) because it is awesome!
Every Sunday after we checked in with the girls to see how they were doing. Some struggled, but we kept encouraging them and making the activities sound fun (which they are!)
The great thing about it was that pretty much the whole summer was planned out. The scavenger hunt we close to camp prep night, so we incorporated that. The Ice Cream night was just after camp, so that worked out great too. You can adjust and combine to fit your summer schedules. :) If you need me to do some readjusting of the fliers/Rewards and such I am very willing, but there will be a small fee. My time is limited and precious!
Please let me know if there is something I can do to help you!

Here is the Overview:
Challenge Overview-Instructions

Here is the Reading Schedule:
 Reading Schedule

Here is the Reward Card so the leaders would know what was going on

We gave this to the girls so they wouldn't know exactly what the activity was and would be surprised. :) 
Rewards for Girls

For Alma we wrote notes so I created some

I love making invites, so I actually started making digital ones to text the girls. (saves on paper!) But here are a few that can be printed. :)

Half Way Party - after Alma 22
Cinnamon Roll Invite - 3 Nephi
Picnic Invite - 4 Nephi
Swim Party Invite - Ether

We did a murder mystery for Helaman, but I don't have permission to use that. :( BUT here is a link to a similar one... hopefully she still has it! Murder Mystery

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Playgrounds and Angels

I lost my son today.

Have you ever felt time slow down? I have.

After school I let my boys, 8 and 5, play on the school playground to get some of their energy out. Once the teacher blows a whistle, it's time to leave so they can lock up. My 5 year old loves running around with whoever will chase or play with him. It's fun to see him have a good time and get along with kids of all ages. And he's pretty good about coming to me once he hears that whistle - usually.
Today the whistle blew and my 8 year old came to me, but not my 5 year old. I looked toward the gate. Sometimes he likes getting a head start - not that I'm a big fan of that. Still didn't see him. I have my 1 year old in a stroller and my 8 year old, but I cannot find my 5 year old. I tell my son to look around the corner, because he may be hiding. Nope. The teacher on duty suggests I have him called over the intercom. I go toward the office and have my son go look down the path we use to go home and see if he went father than he was supposed to. Nope.
I went into the office and asked them to page him. It took a couple minutes because it was chaos in there. Now, a couple minutes to a mother of a lost child is like 1 year in 'worry years' - not good. I started panicking. I see a friend, who is also a teacher and I start crying. "I can't find my son!" Teachers start looking around, paging and doing anything they can. I go back outside to see if I can see him down the road.

Sidebar. We live right across the street from the school in an apartment complex. It is a 5 minute walk to our door - maybe.  Really close. It's wonderful. But in this case, it feels like 20 miles away. I can't see my son! Where is my son! He wouldn't cross the street by himself! He wouldn't walk home by himself! Something must be wrong! Why can't I find my son! What will I do without my precious son!

So, no luck. I go back inside to see if they have discovered anything. His preschool teacher says she's going to get my address and run over there to see if she can find him over there. Another teacher is checking the bathroom. I am looking everywhere around me trying not to scream. An office assistant that had previously gone outside walks in with my precious son! I burst into tears as he walk toward me. I fall to my knees and hug him like I'll never let go.
She said a boy walked him back to the school. She saw him coming up the sidewalk. Blessed boy whoever you are!
I ask my son, after letting him go briefly, where he was. "At the park"  He was crying a little, I was crying a lot, his teacher, bless her heart, was crying as well. I told him never to do that again, I told him I was so scared, I told him I loved him, I told him to stay with mommy. There was relief all around. I said thank you to everyone a thousand times and got up to leave.
Once everything was more calm I asked him where he was again, because the playground was locked. How was he at the park?
Turns out, the friend he was playing with after school lives in our complex. He walked home with him and some other kids. He said he knocked on the door but there was no answer. He went behind our apartment and was playing at the playground. HE WAS ACROSS THE STREET BEHIND OUR APARTMENT PLAYING AT THE PARK WITH HIS FRIENDS.
I guess they heard his name on the intercom (perks of living across the street - hearing all the announcements from the comfort of my home) and some amazing wonderful kid, that I am determined to put a name or at least a face to, brought him back toward the school.
Total time lost was about 15 - 20 minutes. Because it's an exact science, that's like 10 years in 'worry years'.
I am forever indebted to all the people, and my Heavenly Father, that were looking out for my family today.

I lost my son today, and then he was brought back by an angel.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Giveaway Time!

I have finally reached 500 likes on Facebook so it's time for a giveaway! I asked what you wanted me to giveaway and it was pretty much sixes, so here's the deal: I will do the Holiday Blocks this time (since it's close to the holidays and they can be used almost right away), and when I reach 600 likes, I will do a Birthday Board! I get more traffic and you get more giveaways - Win Win!!


The winner will receive a set of Reversible Holiday Blocks (yes I spelled it wrong in the picture... sorry!)  One side reads Give Thanks and the other side reads Jingle Bells! It stands about 7 inches by 24 inches when set up. The Giveaway runs from Monday October 19th 12am thru Sunday October 25th 12am

PLUS for my exclusively for my facebook followers and giveaway participants I am doing a huge sale!!! 30% off all products $35 or more! It will be valid from NOW until October 31st! Take advantage! This is a great deal! Just enter 'OCT2015' at checkout! (all caps!)

Wait, there's more! I am working on a different color scheme for the holiday blocks that I will be sharing on Instagram and Facebook FIRST, so check back this week to see it! The winner will get to choose from the set pictured above or the new set!

And lastly, I want to thank all of my supporters! I really want to be a stay at home mom, and keeping my business going is the way to do that. I really appreciate the support!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Saturday Adventures

I was approached by one of my favorite Relief Society sisters a few weeks ago to help with some ideas for Super Saturday. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am in Young Women, but I NEVER turn down a chance to do crafts!! I have been involved with tons of Super Saturdays, some not even my own, over the years.

So I'm not an official member of the activities committee, but I am part of a special committee just for this activity, so after a couple of meetings we came up with a few ideas. I am really excited!

I am doing the vinyl for several of the crafts, but am only in charge of one (I had two, but because of expense, people just didn't sign up for it. Bummer) I will be going through about 70 yards of vinyl over the next couple of weeks! Crazy!

My husband was a gem and my hero and cut almost 200 pieces of wood for me! This isn't even all of it!

The craft I am in charge of is the Reverse-able Holiday Blocks that I started selling recently in my shop.

I definitely got a good response! I'm doing 33 orders for two different Super Saturdays! (My friend is having their Super Saturday in a couple of weeks and asked for these blocks too. See, I do Super Saturdays all over the place!)

Here are some of the other crafts we are doing:

10x18 Wood Pallet
I am doing the temple stencil and the gold words
'eternity because one lifetime together is no enough'

10x18 Wood Pallet
I am doing the stencil to this (so it can be painted to match anything!)
'BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world'

Be Thankful Banner
I am doing the vinyl and inserts for this
they are little envelopes for you to write what you are thankful for.
On Thanksgiving or each day leading up to it, you can take one out and read it as a family. :)

6 foot Family Rulz!
(it actually goes up past 6 feet, but it's a 6 foot board that you screw into the wall 1 foot off the floor)
Clear as mud? Good. :)

 This craft is the one I worked on for hours, (hand painting each item) but didn't have people sign up for. :(  I have wanted to do this for along time, so at least mine is part way done, but sad that more won't enjoy it. It's called 'A Frame For All Seasons" It has the 4 seasons (two of them double as holidays) plus 4 holidays. I will be adding embellishments to mine, but this is what they looked like:

4th of July
Fall/ Thanksgiving
 *Not pictured- Spring/Easter, Winter, Christmas, Valentine's Day

I will have to post pictures of these when I have added to them. :) I was thinking about selling these in my shop... I'm not sure. They are quite time consuming. I HAND PAINTED all of the pieces, so we'll see...

So I will be busy with Etsy orders and Super Saturday over the next couple weeks, not to mention that my family is going to Disneyland next week! I sure know how to pile it on don't I?

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Among all of the crafts I worked on for girls camp, and the orders for my Etsy shop, I decided to make a nautical theme card for my bimonthly card class*

Nautical Card I designed and created.
*I have been going to this card class for several years. A group of sisters get together every other month and make cards together. 6 of us teach a card and have kits ready so the rest of the sisters can make them. We take home 6 cards to use for a number of occasions. I have boxes of cards. I just love it! I started making the kits a year or so into it. I stopped just before I had my baby girl so this is the first card I have made in a long time, and unlike most of my cards, I designed this one all by myself. Boy did it feel good!
I am obsessed with all things nautical. Did I mention that? Yes I did. In another post, or was it more than one? ;)
I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, but none that I wanted to copy exactly. So I got brave and designed my own!
So in light of me being excited about making a card again, I decided to share some of my other cards. I think I'm missing one or two. I didn't realize how many I have done over the years!

These were among my first. Simple and versatile!
The flower is from the Silhouette online store

I love this combination! The sketched flower is from Silhouette as well (several of my cards or parts of the cards are either from Silhouette or designed on my silhouette) I got the idea on Pinterest for the design and went from there. It isn't as fancy by any means, but I wanted to simplify it, so I did!
These I made when I found out I was having a girl last year. They are from Silhouette.
Also from Silhoutte. Great Father's Day Cards
Quick and simple Silhouette Card
My first card. Silhouette card as well. Don't worry I ventured out on my own too!
This was the first card I designed all by myself. I was proud of it. :)
Here is the inside. I used colored pencil and alcohol to get that effect. 
I got a die cut machine for my birthday last year and I have had so much fun using it! So of course I had to make a card using the embossing folders I got as well! :D My own design.
The tree and ladybug are from Silhouette. But I designed the card myself. 
These were originally birthday invitations, but they can be used as fun cards too, so that's what I did!
Also a birthday invitation. I found one similar on Pinterest and designed my own on my handy dandy Silhouette. It was a lot more in-depth than you may think!
This was also from one I found on Pinterest simplified (some of the tiles are dimensional)
Yet another Pinterest inspired card. :)

So there you have it! There is one I'm sad I don't have. I found the idea through pinterest, but it was a square card, so I figured out the dimensions and did one that was a normal card size. It was for Mother's Day. I think I gave that one away though... go figure! I give a card away to someone! 

Girls Camp

I am a crafter. I love it. I can get obsessed with it even. I'm sure my husband can attest to that fact. He doesn't see me much when I'm in "creation mode" we'll call it.
So this year's Mutual theme for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is from the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 4:2 "O ye that embark in the service if God..." it has been such a wonderful year so far! So many ways we can apply this to our daily lives and so many fun activities that we have been able to center around our theme. We choose to focus on the nautical aspect of "embarking in the service" and, let me tell you, I L.O.V.E nautical stuff! So, needless to say, I have been going crazy with creative ways to bring that out.
Girls Camp was no exception! Our theme for our ward's Girls Camp this year was "Live Life Anchored In Christ". Guess what we saw and used tons.... ANCHORS! Yes! I started putting my crafting brain to use and came up with some fun things and my wonderful presidency members came up with even more wonderful things, so combine them together and we got and AMAZING girls camp!

1. I made the camp flag (which I have done for the past 3 years)
All of the symbols are on their charms. This is vinyl on vinyl (adhesive vinyl on vinyl fabric)

2. I made the vinyl for their water bottles, their charm tins and their journals


Back (although I added Girls Camp and their names after this picture)

3. I designed the logo for the camp shirts and sweaters.

4. I made them personal brass plates for them to write their personal scriptures (testimonies)

Finished Plates!

For our service project the girls wrote their testimonies on Books of Mormon (which is why we did the brass plates craft) 

5. I made name plaques for everyone

6. And I made the vinyl for the lanterns they made at camp. 

Camp Decorations. You can see the name plaques I made :)

7. I embossed some papers and got nautical themed papers for their camp journals

7. I put together charm bracelets for each girls and leaders

Okay, so this was a fun labor of love that came together perfectly. We are doing a Book of Mormon challenge and wanted to give the girls things after they completed each book. I thought of doing a charm bracelet, but then I saw this on Pinterest. She did a necklace for their YW for YW in Excellence. I changed some of the charms and made it a bracelet instead and added a couple.
Tuesday and Wednesday the girls got a charm that represented the day. On Thursday they went on a 'Spirit Walk' outside using the lanterns and learned about the other 6 charms.
~Tuesday's charm was the larger anchor because of our theme "Live Life Anchored in Christ" 
~Wednesday's charm was the book and key which stands for the Book of Mormon. I added the key because as Boyd K. Packer said "The key to spiritual protection is in the scriptures"
The rest were on Thursday:
~The pearl is the ballast - or what keeps us balanced (and went with the picture of the rocks)
~The sailboat is for the sales the guide us
~The lighthouse is the Savior
~The anchor is what holds us to the Savior
~The initial charms were to represent flags on a ship - or the communication we have with our Heavenly Father (prayer)
~The Helm or Steering Wheel is to help us steer in the right direction

She had awesome printables to go with the 6 we used for the 'Spirit Walk' HERE is the link to the page. Scroll down toward the bottom and you will find the printables.

Yes, I guess that's a lot, but man was it so fun! I was sad when I was done! The girls enjoyed girls camp a lot and had a lot of great experiences. I just hope that these visual representations helped make the experience even more memorable. :)